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Slocan Lake Arts Council


The Slocan Lake Arts Council exists to support, promote, and strengthen the artistic and cultural sectors of the north Slocan Valley communities of New Denver, Silverton, Hills, Rosebery, Red Mountain, and Enterprise Creek. This includes administering grants, mentoring emerging and existing artists, or anything else which takes care of the long term health of the local cultural community.

The Slocan Lake Arts Council also manages the Silverton Gallery by booking its 3 rooms, a Performance Theatre, a Visual Arts Gallery, and a Makers Space. The Arts Council office is also located in the Silverton Gallery,  which is located at 408-4th Street, Silverton, BC.

Please see for rates and more detail about the Council's activities. The Arts Council offers monthly membership ($75.00) for the Makers Space for those artists needing ongoing workshop/making space. Yearly memberships ($480.00) are also available in exchange for 12 building rentals a year; this is great value for those needing frequent use of public space.

The Slocan Lake Arts Council actively encourages community members to contribute to either programming or the board. Members do not have to join the Society board in order to contribute to local arts programming. Please see for the listing of 7 Programs managed by the Arts Council.

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