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Provincial Park Camping Reservations

For camping in provincial parks, use the Discover Camping Reservation Service to check campsite availability, reserve a campsite or yurt, and manage your bookings. Call

1-800-689-9025 or visit


Valhalla Provincial Park

Valhalla Provincial Park is a wilderness park on the west side of Slocan Lake, across from the inhabited eastern side. Residents of the Slocan Valley worked long and hard to get Valhalla Park established to protect the diverse topography, high peaks and unique vegetation typical of the Selkirk Mountains. Backcountry travelers have much to celebrate here in a 49,893-hectare park with plenty of hiking trails, beautiful waterfalls, stunning scenery, chances to see wildlife, good fishing, beachfront campsites, pictographs left by First Nations along the shore, and relics of the early mining era. The park takes in most of the Valhalla Range of the Selkirk Mountains and is unique in its varying topography. Campsites are accessed by boat or on foot. Pets are only allowed on the Slocan lakefront sites and the Slocan to Evans Beach Trail and must be leashed at all times. Pets are not allowed in other backcountry areas of the park.


Goat Range Provincial Park

Goat Range Provincial Park (78,947 hectares) is a wilderness park between Slocan and Kootenay Lakes at the south end, and between Arrow and Duncan Lakes at the north end. It protects the only natural spawning site of the unique, internationally significant Gerrard rainbow trout and is critical in maintaining habitat for species such as grizzly bear, elk, mountain goat, and mountain caribou. The park has old-growth forests, extensive alpine meadows and lakes, and numerous rivers and creeks. Pets must be on a leash at all times in this park.


Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park

Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park is a wilderness park with 85 km of well-marked trails in some of the most scenic mountain country found in the Selkirk Mountains. Kokanee Glacier Park (32,035 hectares) is a magnet for campers, hikers, backcountry skiers, snowshoers and climbers with all levels of outdoor experience. It has a mosaic of high peaks, snowfields, cirques, and colourful lake basins. Some trails go back to the early mining days, offering hiking opportunities ranging from short day trips to challenging cross-country routes to historic cabins and old mine sites. This park also contains three reservable backcountry cabins. See the link on the website for up-to-date trail reports. Excellent skiing, good fishing, and 30 walk-in wilderness campsites. Dogs are not permitted anywhere in this park.

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