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Swimming is popular in Slocan and Summit Lakes as well as some parts of the Slocan River (always know your currents!). Some brave ones start swimming in the larger Slocan Lake in June but most wait until the lake’s deep water warms in July. Most beaches on the east side are rocky, with the exception of Slocan Beach, and you’ll find some sand across the lake in Valhalla Park.


Safety First. None of these beaches are supervised and swimmers need to take responsibility for their actions. Public Access Liferings (PALs), containing lifesaving equipment for use in aquatic emergencies, are located by the boat launch in New Denver, in Bigelow Bay and at Coopers’ Beach in Silverton.


Slocan Beach is a sandy beach at the end of the main street of the village of Slocan, with a dock and small diving board. There is a boat launch adjacent to the beach area, and a gazebo that serves as the trailhead for the Slocan Valley Rail Trail.


Bannock Point Recreation Site is 3 km south of Silverton, and a steep 10-minute hike down from the parking area. It’s a fabulous swimming spot with a picnic area and campsites.


Silverton Day Park is a large, open landscaped area by the lake with picnic tables. Located in Silverton just a short distance west of Highway 6 (turn down 4th Street at the Outdoor Museum).

Coopers Beach is located in Silverton on Turner St.


Centennial Park at the south end of New Denver has a swimming beach, children’s playground, washrooms, public boat launch, beach volleyball court, sports fields, bocce court, gazebo, and barbecue shelter. It is adjacent to the Kohan Garden and Centennial Municipal Campground.


Bigelow Bay Regional Park, on Slocan Lake at New Denver’s northern boundary, is a day-use beach and picnic area, accessible from Kildare Street (parking is limited and not suited to recreational vehicles). Also accessible from New Denver’s lakefront trail.


Rosebery Parklands is a 2.8-hectare waterfront park on Slocan Lake in Rosebery, six kilometres north of New Denver. A trailhead for Galena Trail is located here, with parking off Rosebery Loop Road.


Wragge Beach is a lovely beach and campground on the northwest side of the lake. Access is via boat or a very rough road.


Summit Lake Provincial Park 30 km north of New Denver, is a campground and has a day-use area with a beach and picnic tables. The water is much warmer here than in Slocan Lake.


Crescent Valley Beach at the very southern end of the Slocan Valley, is a popular riverfront swimming, rafting, boating, and picnicking location.


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