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New Denver’s Slocan Community Health Centre is a primary care centre with residential care, 24/7 emergency services, an ambulance, lab, X-ray, a hospice room and a medical clinic staffed by three physicians on a rotational basis plus a nurse practitioner. A chiropractor and a massage therapist come to the centre once a week.

The Village of Slocan has the Slocan Wellness Centre, where alternative health practitioners offer their services. A nurse practitioner from New Denver’s Slocan Community Health Centre works from the Slocan Wellness Centre on Thursdays. The nearest hospitals are in Nakusp (40 minutes north of New Denver), Nelson (90 minutes south) and Trail (2 hours south).

Silverton has a dental office that is open five days per week. The Hand and Soul Wellness Centre in Silverton offers chiropractic services, counseling services and more. There are also many alternative health practitioners who live and work in the Slocan Valley.


The Slocan Valley Chamber of Commerce created a Health Committee several years ago. This committee reports to the Chamber Board on community health-related items, often pertaining to the Slocan Community Health Centre (SCHC).

The state of health care services is of great interest to all of us and plays a key role in the socio-economic well-being of our communities.

The purpose of the Health Committee is to work with the Interior Health Authority and health and emergency services in order to be well informed of any new developments that could affect local services, with a view to maintaining and improving existing service levels.


The SVCC Health Committee is a member of the BC Rural Health Network. A Committee member sits on the BCRHN board. In addition, the Health Committee has two members who sit on the Village of New Denver Select Health Committee.​








In 2017, the SVCC Health Committee led a successful Physician Recruitment and Retention initiative.  Its primary goal is to ensure Slocan Community Health Centre is staffed sufficiently to continue running a primary care clinic and 24/7 emergency department.


Specific information about the physician positions available, requirements, and instructions to apply, can be downloaded here or call 250-358-2561.

Additional information about physician recruitment for the area can be found at ‘Divisions of Family Practice – Kootenay Boundary’.

Click here for Interior Health’s Slocan Community Health Centre Information Page.

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Physician recruitment


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